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Action Annie's Bail Bonds is one of Northern Nevada's oldest bail bond agencies, with roots in the community going back more than 40 years. Since its founding in Sun Valley, Nevada in the early 70s, Action Annie's has helped tens of thousands of clients all over the state. We've grown to become the area's preeminent bail bond agency with six dedicated Bail Agents in two full service offices in Reno and Carson City, ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If you, your friend, or somebody you love is in jail, remember Action Annie's Bail Bonds. We're discreet, confidential and extremely sensitive to the predicament faced by a defendant charged with a crime. Make us your first stop to put it all behind you!

For Reno

Stop in Action Bail Bonds right next door to the Washoe County Jail at 575 E. Parr Blvd., or call (775) 322-7997.

For Carson City and all other areas of Northern Nevada

Stop by our new office at 812 E. Musser Street, right across the street from the Carson City Jail, or call (775) 883-2664.

We're the Bailhouse by the Jailhouse!